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Ed Andrews

I am sitting here and wondering as I gaze across the bay. Just what a guy from Newfoundland is doing here today. The boats all sitting at their berths as the evening sun goes down. It will not be very long from now you will not hear a single sound.

Then as the morning sun rises once again. This place will quickly come alive with a bunch of fishermen. They have come to fish for salmon, and yes, so did I. I hope to catch one big enough, even I do not have to lie.

And now the boats are headed out with salmon on their mind. Everyone in a hurry, nobody lefy behind. Except the cooks who stay ashore to prepare the evening meal. No one goes hungry here, its all part of the deal.

So if you are going fishing just take a tip from me. Just head out to Haggard Cove, it was very good you see.

Ed Andrews