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Haggard Cove Reviews and Testimonials

Haggard Cove Resort Reviews - Testimonials & Guest Book

Haggard Cove Resort Reviews – Testimonials & Guest Book

We have had many guests over the years who have enjoyed their stage at our fishing lodge. Check out what they thought of about their fishing vacation below and reserve your spot today!

Thanks Haggard Cove for a great fishing weekend , Special Thanks to Gary Bob & Pat. Highway Four Rentals Thanks You. The fishing was awesome so is Pat’s cooking Thanks Again I Will Be Back

Tom Spratt

Hello Haggard Cove gang!

Our Revelstoke crew sure enjoyed our time at the resort! The weather we ordered came through with flying colors, Pat fed us some amazing dishes, and the accommodations were perfect for our group of seven. Bob and Paul were great guides and fun guys to have a few drinks with after the day was done!

We saw some amazing sights and caught some beautiful fish; some of which we are going to be eating tonight at a big family BBQ. Thank you all for the wonderful experience!

Steve Olsson

I am sitting here and wondering as I gaze across the bay.
Just what a guy from Newfoundland is doing here today.
The boats all sitting at their berths as the evening sun goes down.
It will not be very long from now you will not hear a single sound.

Then as the morning sun rises once again.
This place will quickly come alive with a bunch of fishermen.
They have come to fish for salmon, and yes, so did I.
I hope to catch one big enough, even I do not have to lie.

And now the boats are headed out with salmon on their mind.
Everyone in a hurry, nobody lefy behind.
Except the cooks who stay ashore to prepare the evening meal.
No one goes hungry here, its all part of the deal.

So if you are going fishing just take a tip from me.
Just head out to Haggard Cove, it was very good you see.

Ed Andrews

We had an unforgettable experience this year, Gary. To be reunited (three college friends) after all these years was a blessing that’s hard to describe. Jim said he hadn’t laughed so hard and so much since we were in college—and I think he meant it! Both he and Hal are “working” on me for next year.  Pat was an awesome cook and a genuinely interesting and nice person. Besides, she fed me raw oysters! Janelle’s smile welcomed each day.  Bob and Ross were — well, always efficient, upbeat, and gentlemen of the trade. Thanks again for the theater to stage this reunion of a lifetime.

Jon Lundquist - Oregon

Once in a lifetime experience. From boarding the supply ship “Frances Barkley” in a genuine Canadian logging town and seeing all the different boats and fjord-like sights as we motored up the ocean inlet and saw the seals and whales. Unloading supplies by crane at a little cottage dock which broke under the strain. The excitement of seeing a remote fishing resort in the middle of a sport and commercial fishery and barging across the lagoon to the marina dock. Warm welcome from our hosts and staff. Felt like family, the good ones. Quick settle in to the lodge, delicious lunch and off to the best fishing spots for that time and day. My wife and I knew nothing about salmon fishing so the guides did the downrigging and we hauled in the fish and netted them with or without the guide’s help as needed. Loads of excitement, beautiful scenery. One day no boats fishing and one day there must have been a hundred. Very impressive. and all catching fish. Went open-ocean fishing one day, got a feel for the power of the ocean but as soon as it got wavy headed back to inlet fishing. Big fish out there . One guy even caught a fifty pound halibut. Great breakfasts and dinners including wine at night,very comfortable beds and facilities even for the ladies. Saw two deer eating fearlessly along in front of the lodge and two black bears foraging out near the point. Awesome photo ops all over the place. Especially at the end when our group displayed our catch. There was not nearly enough room for all the fish. The staff boxed up our fish in insulated boxes and sea-ice. And we took what we could carry, there was too much so we left some. I forgot about one of the highlights , which was when our guide took a small rockfish we caught, waved it in the air and the circling eagle swooped down and picked it out of the water on the wing. Bring your cameras. As my Irish relatives who fish on a hundred feet of river would say , It was brilliant, grand. We will be back. Many Thanks to the guides and staff…..

P.S. When we started to barbecue one of our salmon at home we checked the internet carefully as to method. Just as we fired up the grill our son arrived with two guests. I asked one what he did for a living and to my astonishment he replied , I have been a chef at one of Vancouver’s top restaurants for eleven years. He was and we were thrilled to have him cook our first of many salmon. Total success story. Cheers

Dr Tom Caldwell

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